Monday, May 4, 2015

So, What's the Fuss about Ed and Edna?

Ed and Edna are central characters in my new flash fiction series The Adventures of Ed and Edna. I didnt start out with a plan to create them. They just butted in on one of my stories, and never left.

Ed and Edna are just regular folks who happen to be getting up there in age. Theyre not climbing the social ladder or jockeying for position in the corporate jungle. Theyre just doing their thing in a changing world. They face new technologies and evolving social norms, sometimes trying to adapt and sometimes shaking their heads in bewilderment. On occasion Ed is a little off, and Edna brings him back to reality. Other times Edna is the one who needs to be reeled in. But theyre always there for each other.

Their grandchildren appear in some stories, providing a contrasting perspective on life and issues of the day. At different times and in different situations, Ed and/or Edna can be brilliant, naïve, stubborn, contentious, tender, or just plain stupid. As Ed might say, It is what it is.

I sense that folks have taken a liking to Ed and Edna.

So have I.

Youre invited to join me for The Adventures of Ed and Edna